El Valencia ni metió intensidad con la que castigar a la Real, que venía de jugar una final y otro derbi entre semana, ni sacó provecho a la ocasión que tuvo en forma de penalti. Maybe in a couple of decades it will be as exciting as Brazil is now, or is that too much to hope for? Cyanide is right, tilke fixed imola why not just go back. That is it. FenderBender on Aug-27-2008 that's a shame, because with more grip, better adverts this is the best Valencia Street out there MS7XWDC on Aug-27-2008 Yeah, We dont post our tracks here anymore. Weather conditions: Sunny and dry Temperatures: Air: 13-24C, Track: 9-24C Number of drivers participating: 16 Fastest lap overall: Felipe Massa, Scuderia Ferrari, 1:12.182 min … Pity. Christian, it is ironic that China is starting to develop bumps as the fact that it is on marshland is beginning to show. Fernando pisa por primera vez el circuito de valencia y espera hacer un buen papel,sobre todo despues de unas buenas carreras. hopefully 09 regs will make it a bit more exciting! You’re right, they’ve been held at the more traditional tracks, but incidentally it’s been raining at all these races this year. Ezalatt 18 futamot rendeztek meg. I’d love to see the back of the Barcelona GP. Er is in 2007 een contract voor zeven jaar getekend. Promoted content from around the web | Become a RaceFans Supporter to hide this ad and others. Thu Jan 24, 2008. Het Valencia Street Circuit was een Formule 1 stratencircuit in de stad Valencia in Spanje, waar tussen 2008 en 2012 de Europese Grand Prix Formule 1 gehouden werd onder de naam Grand Prix van Europa Telefónica.De race werd gereden in de haven van Valencia.. Historie. When you compare Singapore, China, Malaysia, Bahrain and Valencia with the tracks at the top of the table there is no comparison. All four of the most popular races were affected by rain. El CTA lo niega. just a huge procession. If you stop following this series you will no longer receive notifications when new videos are uploaded. i think that had a lot more influence on the vote. DNQ = Did Not Qualify, DNS = Did Not Start, Ret = Retired, DSQ = Disqualified, NC = Not Classified. Kuva-albumi / F1 Valencia 2008 / Bridgestonen F1 rengastiimi työssään . And I seem to remember writing something not so long ago about rain being bad for F1…. Keith this is gr8 bit of data and graphs. A temporada contou com 17 etapas, começando no Grande Prêmio da Austrália, em 29 de março de 2009, e se encerrando no Grande Prêmio de Abu Dhabi (em estreia), em 1 de Novembro de 2009. Auf dem Stadtkurs fand von 2008 bis 2012 der Große Preis von Europa der Formel 1 statt. 3) Kovalainen gets a puncture. Vandoorne avenges lost win with emphatic race two victory in Rome, How F1’s new rookie class fared in their first challenge of 2021, Six penalty points for one crash puts Turvey halfway towards ban, Vergne victorious as Vandoorne hits manhole cover in race of drama, Why Ferrari seeks success in WEC as well as F1 – and IndyCar is still on its radar, Turvey hits stationary cars in freak Formula E practice crash, Williams will perform better at Imola, Latifi predicts, Ferrari give Leclerc the car he used to score his first two F1 victories, Breakthrough expected in bid for F1’s first Miami Grand Prix, Elliott to take over from Allison as technical director at Mercedes, Read more about Keith Collantine, find all their articles and get in touch with them, Find out more about RaceFans and contact us here, Become a RaceFans Supporter to hide this ad and others, rain rather than their age per se that gave them a high rating. A korlátozást elfogadó csapatok nagyobb mozgásteret kapnak a fejlesztések terén. It was only really Valencia, China and Spain for me which were the only BORING races with Valencia being V.BORING! 2008 seems to be around 6.7 mark. O campeonato foi disputado em dezoito etapas, iniciando na Austrália em 16 de março e terminando no Brasil em 2 de novembro. The week running up to it he was being critisised from all angles, and to bounce back and be supreme all weekend, with everyone expecting more errors, made for the ‘event.’, I guess maybe if Valencia was second last on the calendar, my opinion would be different :). The highlights of the 2008 Chinese Grand Prix were as follows: 1) Hamilton gets to the first corner first. I’m reserving my judgement of Valencia until next season, hopefully the new regulations will give us some better racing there. I think this is a fair reflection on the races, and is something that i’ll 4ward 2 my dad/brother who are ADAMANT that this year’s F1 was boring and dull and nothing but a precession. I’d like to see Estoril given a race too. I’m prepared to give Valencia another go, but it wasn’t just the lack of racing on the track that made it boring. Hopefully as it becomes an established track there will be a bit more investment in the area and the surrounding area will be a bit better looking and have an improved atmosphere. 4) Kovalainen retires with hydraulic problems. [The ages of some of the tracks is arguable, depending on which revision you use. right? Your email address will not be published. If u´re able to HELP , please contact us. Speed: 198.454 km/h: Speed: 198.891 km/h . The Valencia Street Circuit is a semi-permanent street circuit in Valencia Spain.The circuit will host the Formula One European Grand Prix for seven years starting in 2008 The first Formula One race on the circuit was held on 24 August 2008, with Felipe Massa winning the event, the European Grand Prix. Realizzato nell'area del porto della città spagnola impiegata per la America's Cup 2007, dal 2008 al 2012 ha ospitato il Gran Premio d'Europa di Formula 1.Dopo quest'ultima edizione il circuito è caduto in uno stato di progressivo abbandono. Create a free account and enjoy all the benefits that registered Tokyvideo users enjoy: Do you want to stop following this series? See who where winners, fastest laps, circuit layout, circuit length and much more. Lisätty: 8 Huhtikuu 2010. Here’s the list in full. Please select a reason for reporting this video and add an optional comment. It manages to be astoundingly dull year on year. *At the point at which most of the votes were cast it was not yet known that Lewis Hamilton was going to be stripped of his win. If only the surrounding area were more interesting to look at, but I understand even that distinctive old warehouse building they had the pits in this year will be gone by 2009. If we filter out the ‘terrible’ votes it changes the average ratings as follows: Belgium and Singapore do much better. All the new circuits have no soul. F1 championship contender Felipe Massa triumphs in the inaugural European Grand Prix in Valencia - but controversy dogs the Ferrari star after a pit-lane incident with Adrian Sutil. Some races seemed to have oddly large numbers of people voting the lowest rating of ‘terrible’. Massa fastest at Valencia; Productive day for Ferrari drivers; ... F1 Cars of 2008. Find out all Valencia Street circuit details. Valencia is a great city and the idea of a race down by the harbour was good…. Firstly, the contentious bit was Massa ‘passing’ Kimi – even though as we all agree this was to be expected. Valencia was like a drive through an abandoned warehouse complex and totally lacking in atmosphere. The track was actually quite wide for a road circuit. Now we´re working on a Spa-Francorchamps with the new "bus stop". Not the best I’ve seen, but definately up there. News. Barcelona Hungaroring Shanghai Bahrain Malaysia Fuji (I know its alternating, but Suzuka is just so much better). Another problem they had this year was the dust off-line, which might have been exacerbated by them finishing construction work on it so late. I disagree with John Porter about China being worse than Valencia. Tue Jan 22, 2008. Unsurprisingly Brazil came out on top as the fans’ favourite, with the European Grand Prix at the new Valencia Circuit voted worst race. Too late to advice that they tear it down and move elsewhere. Brazil comes out easily on top with Monaco, Britain and Italy all getting similar scores. Keith; could you tell us the average rating for 2007 races? 24th November 2008, 15:0023rd November 2008, 23:05 | Written by Keith Collantine. Copyright © Tokyvideo – All Rights Reserved, Contact | No suprise that Brazil came out top – Australia was also a gr8 race actually, got some slack due to the retirements as i think only 6/7 ppl finished but the racing that day was gr8 and set up the season as a whole! Overtaking depended on errors by one of the drivers and, unlike GP2, that just didn’t happen…. El Valencia señala al árbitro como la persona que les amenazó con una sanción si no jugaban. Our team will review your report and take appropriate action as soon as possible. There was alot of competition this year as the field was soo close so alot of the races were hard to predict and quite alot of the time the midfield boys took up the fight. El Circuito urbano de Valencia fue un circuito de carreras urbano situado en la ciudad de Valencia (), que acogió el Gran Premio de Europa de Fórmula 1 de 2008 a 2012, en compañía de la GP2 Series.El primer GP de Europa en la ciudad se disputó el 24 de agosto de 2008. Find out more about RaceFans and contact us here. I remember thinking half way through Brazil that the undulating track was so much more exciting than China before it. I think it’s interesting to note that the most popular races were all held at traditional, “old time” tracks. Even Hungary this year had a good race with Felipe getting the lead and Lewis struggling b4 Felipe’s engine went. Podiums . Post was not sent - check your email addresses! (if dont think about the stewards overshadowing the result). Valencia was by no means a classic, but China was dull. It manages to be astoundingly dull year on year. The circuit uses the roads around the city's harbour and America's Cup port area. Here’s the list in full. Initially I was surprised as I expected Spa to be #2, and also Singapore to be rated higher, and after seeing the filtered out results it’s rather clear those make more sense. Medié Jiménez redactó en el acta arbitral lo sucedido entre Diakhaby y Cala. Remove the crappy Asian/Mideast circuits like Turkey, Bahrain, China and bring Imola, Montreal and that track in Argentina. Let’s hope next year we will not need rain anymore to see good races. As for Singapore, perhaps a lot of Ferrari fans were angered by the double whammy of the Massa pit lane debacle and Raikkonen’s late crash. Your email address will not be published. 6) Hamilton wins. lol. Reportar este vídeo. valencia was dull and v.boring. All comments are moderated. 2008 F1 race popularity 2008 F1 race popularity (click to enlarge) Brazil comes out easily on top with Monaco, Britain and Italy all getting similar scores. Cookies Policy | BMW Sauber F1.08; BMW Sauber F1.08B; Ferrari F2008; Ferrari F2008K; Force India F1 VJM01; Honda RA108; McLaren MP4-23; McLaren MP4-23K; Red Bull RB4; Renault R28; Scuderia Toro Rosso STR2B; And it didn’t have to Singaporean glamour factor unless you had access to the pits and paddock… that was a different story…. Il circuito urbano di Valencia è un circuito cittadino progettato dall'architetto tedesco Hermann Tilke. Tytuł mistrza kierowców zdobył Lewis Hamilton pobijając rekord najmłodszego mistrza świata Fernando Alonso z 2005 roku, natomiast mistrzostwo konstruktorów zdobyła ekipa Ferrari. @ Jay I noticed that too…..and now Bernie is going to take the racing to places that aren’t steeped in racing culture,and away from the crowds who want to see it most. Il Gran Premio d'Europa 2008 è stata la dodicesima prova della stagione 2008 del Campionato Mondiale FIA di Formula 1. Here are the races ranked by popularity with the race winner for each. It was the lack of interesting scenery around the track the tipped it into “astoundingly dull”. Agree on Brazil and Valencia. It’s been a fairly good year this time out. Terms and Conditions | See the Comment Policy and FAQ for more.If the person you're replying to is a registered user you can notify them of your reply using '@username'. I’d say that none of the races at the top has been rated very good last year (except brasil), Maybe people started voting Singapore as terrible when they realised it was only the safety car that provided any excitement? DROP VALENCIA AND BRING BACK IMOLA!!!!!!!! Create your free account and enjoy our features for registered users. . I’m prepared to give Valencia another go, but it wasn’t just the lack of racing on the track that made it boring. Of the 18 races only 3/4 of them were really dull in that the top 4/5 positions were obvious from about lap10 so that makes out overall a good % of excellent races. Mind u out of the top 4 races it is ‘ironic’ that rain played a part. [1] El Open Internacional de GT y la Fórmula 3 Española también visitaron el circuito ese año. Just as the Ferrari bosses were complaining after the race (showing their good grace in defeat). I remember Belgium picked up a lot of ‘terrible’ votes after the news of Hamilton’s penalty was announced. Bring Estoril back. It’s no surprise to me that the wet races were the favourites, I’ve always preferred a wet or changeable race but like everyone else I’m hoping the new regulations will give us this type of racing in the dry. Sumedh – There weren’t any in the eights last year – Europe was the highest with 7.9. Bring Estoril back. Legal Notice | 5) Massa ‘passes’ Raikkonen. But I think drama aside, this is where Lewis won the championship. Its a great track, Alianora La Canta 24th November 2008, 22:38. Arvostele ( 1) Kuvaus: Kisaviikonlopun aikana käsitellään uskomaton määrä renkaita! Belgium most exciting race for me! Der Valencia Street Circuit ist eine temporäre Motorsport-Rennstrecke im Hafengebiet der spanischen Provinzhauptstadt Valencia. However I liked China a good bit, and did not like Japan as much. Sezon 2008 Formuły 1 był 59. sezonem o Mistrzostwo Świata Formuły 1. Bár eredetileg úgy tervezték, mégsem ez lett az első szezon az új Concorde egyezmény alatt. 2009 márciusában arról is döntés született, hogy 2010-től fakultatív 30 millió fontos költségplafont vezetnek be. Most of the teams tested at the Circuit de Catalunya this week, with BMW decamping to Valencia for a private test, and the beleaguered Super Aguri team cancelling their planned test amid continue doubt over their 2008 entry. 2008 F1 results distribution of points: 1st = 10, 2nd = 6, 3rd =4, 4th = 3, 5th = 2, 6th = 1 point * = this driver has driven the fastest lap of the race. 2 kommenttia (kansiossa: F1 Valencia 2008) Share | … MotoGP于1949年创立,最初只设六站比赛,以后经过8,10,12,13,15站,到1999年直至2004年,每年都保持16站比赛。从2005年起更是递增到了17站,赛事频率在… I’d love to see the back of the Barcelona GP. At least at Valencia there were some talking points (mainly involvong Ferrari pitstops). Interlagos isn’t really that old]. 2) Trulli and Bourdais collide. El Gran Premio de Europa de 2008 se realizó en el Circuito urbano de Valencia durante los días 22, 23 y 24 de agosto de 2008. Luca Filippi 2008 GP2 Valencia.jpg 954 × 290; 41 KB Lucas Di Grassi 2008 GP2 Valencia.jpg 913 × 285; 35 KB Porsche Grand prix de valencia-2010 (10).JPG 2,712 × 1,813; 5.1 MB El Circuito urbano de Valencia fue el quinto circuito que acogió el Gran Premio de Europa, después de Brands Hatch, Nürburgring, Donington Park y Jerez. You tried to perform an action that is meant for registered users only. Az évben a versenyzők 2001 óta ismét kipörgésgátló és rajtautomatika nélkül versenyeztek. © 2021 Collantine Media Ltd | About RaceFans. Trulli retires. Valencia, 2008-01-22. Unfortunately it turned out to be very dirty off line hence leaving the drivers with a very narrow racing line to contend with. O Campeonato Mundial de Fórmula 1 de 2009 foi a 60ª temporada da história do Campeonato do Mundo FIA de Fórmula 1. Got a potential story, tip or enquiry? Valencia, 2008-01-24. Bridgestonen F1 rengastiimi työssään. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I would prefer Brazil to be the final race though. Según grandprix es la comidilla del día en el paddock de Silverstone. Required fields are marked *. Het contract is gesloten tussen Ecclestone en de Valmor Sport … Kuva-albumi / F1 Valencia 2008 / Renkaita riittää - ei muuta kuin radalle... Renkaita riittää - ei muuta kuin radalle... Lisätty: 8 Huhtikuu 2010. BMW Sauber F1.08; BMW Sauber F1.08B; Ferrari F2008; Ferrari F2008K; Force India F1 VJM01; Honda RA108; McLaren … A 2008. évi, sorrendben az 59.Formula–1-es szezon március 16-án kezdődött és november 2-án fejeződött be. Driver: Mark Webber Car: RB4 ­ 01 Time: 1:12.594, Laps: 87 Fastest Lap: Heikki Kovalainen, 1:11.000 After David Coulthard had two days in … Svoltosi il 24 agosto sul nuovo Circuito urbano di Valencia è stato vinto da Felipe Massa su Ferrari, che ha preceduto Lewis Hamilton e Robert Kubica. Unsurprisingly Brazil came out on top as the fans’ favourite, with the European Grand Prix at the new Valencia Circuit voted worst race. Valencia Street Circuit Layout . You would have to say that’s the case with Monaco, which can be processional without intervening acts of God, or acts of drivers-hitting-barriers-to-bring-out-the-safety-car. the valencia race was kinda boring, but i still think it’s quite an interesting track. some of the high speed sections are amazing to watch. DMCA. 2008 F1 Drivers Statistics Table O Campeonato Mundial de Fórmula 1 da FIA de 2008 foi a 59ª temporada da competição anual de Fórmula 1, categoria de monopostos reconhecida pela Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA). It’s too bad we’re losing Silverstone . If you then rank them the top five races (Brazil, Belgium, GB, Monaco, Italy) were all wet. Nothing contentious, nothing exciting. Brazil 8.756 (Felipe Massa) Monaco 8.177 (Lewis Hamilton) Britain 8.164 (Lewis Hamilton) Italy 8.153 (Sebastian Vettel) Canada 7.809 (Robert Kubica) Belgium 7.736 (Felipe Massa*) Australia 7.609 (Lewis Hamilton) Germany 7.180 (Lewis Hamilton) Turkey 6.816 (Felipe Massa) Japan 6.660 (Fernando Alonso) Singapore 6.302 (Fernando Alonso) Hungary 6.202 (Heikki Kovalainen) Malaysia 5.738 (Kimi Raikkonen) France 5.548 (Felipe Massa) Bahrain 5.364 (Felipe Massa) Spain 5.085 (Kimi Raikkonen) China 4.446 (Lewis Hamilton) Europe 3.977 (Felipe Massa). Valencia needs another chance, but I personally dont think it will get any better…. They didn’t seem to be consistent to a particular driver or a particular type of race. SPAIN – F1 Grand Prix – Valencia – 2010 – 3,000 seats (SINCE 2008) Pakar Seating , 109, Jalan 12/14, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor D.E., Malaysia, Telephone : + 6 03 7954 9821 Fax : + 6 03 7954 9746 Email : Contact Form I still don’t think Valencia is necessarily a bad circuit. Do you think this ranking reflects what were the best and worst races of the year? Montreal Silverstone Imola Jerez Adelaide (fat chance!). maybe the 2009 rules might make it more watchable next year, or maybe it might even rain (as it threatened to do during qualifying this year), but high-speed corners + close barriers + alonso making it through the first lap should = excitement! It is very fast and I think it has the potential to become the new Montreal. Hanno inoltre ottenuto punti Kovalainen, Trulli, Vettel, Glock e Rosberg. Jay & Christian mentioned the age of tracks, and whether it was the rain rather than their age per se that gave them a high rating. I personally believe China was the most uneventful race I’ve seen in many many years. Not much surprising to see that the most popular races are the rainy ones. Its great having Melbourne as the 1st race of the season. I agree, Valencia was very boring. The race ratings weren’t a normal distribution so I plotted the modal response rather than the mean. I’ve compiled the results from the 18 ‘rate the race’ polls of 2008 and crunched the numbers to find what were the most popular and least popular races of the year. It’s time for Barcelona to be redesigned or replaced, 1996 is the only enjoyable race I can remember and it rained that season (Schumi’s first win in a Ferrari too). Fernando pisa por primera vez el circuito de valencia y espera hacer un buen papel,sobre todo despues de unas buenas carreras. News. Privacy Policy | In my opinion it was a total waste of money, even the cars looked out of place there. Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) 24th November 2008, 19:15. Raikkonen finishes Valencia test on top; Ferrari satisfied with Valencia test; ... F1 Cars of 2008. Arvostele ( 1) Kuvaus: Oikeat paineet, lämpötila ym - laboratoriotason touhua olla rengastoimittajana F1:ssä. 10 x YES for Imola. Have to say that i can agree with alot of what the second graph says – in that alot of the races were good. If you want to have a play with the raw data you can download it from MediaFire: See more results of F1 Fanatic polls: F1 Fanatic polls archive.

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