Best Interior Design Projects in Geneva . The Richard Neutra Designed Staller House in Bel-Air. Celebrity homes: 10 of the most luxurious houses of the rich and famous From Jackie Onassis’s regal estate to Taylor Swift’s swanky mansion, we … Billionaire businessman Corry Hong bought it for about $17 million before listing it — as a fixer-upper, mind you — for $60 million in 2008. The main house has 35 rooms, a helipad, indoor and outdoor pools, a video game room, a home theater, and more standard super-rich people mansion stuff. In 2019, the home — which sits next to those owned by other stars, including fellow members of Clan Kardashian — was appraised at $60 million. Lady Gaga: $24.5 Million In 2014, Lady Gaga dropped $22.5 million on a mansion in Malibu, California. It's actually not Lucas' primary residence and is used frequently as a Skywalker Sound workplace as well as a collaborative hangout for filmmakers. Famed filmmaker George Lucas began assembling what would become Skywalker Ranch in 1978, the very next year after "Star Wars" came out. Adjusted for inflation, it's worth $43.6 million, just like Diddy's pad. Today, that $40 million would be a little more than $47 million. It's called Xanadu 2.0 — that's a "Citizen Kane" reference — and if the couple sold it today, it would go for about $145 million, according to the Orissa Post. With crazy amounts of bedrooms and bathrooms, outrageous things like amphitheaters, tennis courts, and movie theaters, there's no wonder why these celebrities are spending millions on these lavish homes. He's not the only media personality with an enviable home in Palm Beach — Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter are Stern's nearby neighbors. At the heart of it all is her $28 million French country-style mansion in Bel-Air, designed by famed architect Samuel Marx in 1940. A private short rail line cost $50,000. Related: 36 Bucket-List Destinations for Music Lovers. Hence, this 14,500 square-foot mansion in California is definitely one of the most expensive celebrity homes in the world. When daytime talk queen Ellen DeGeneres bought her Santa Barbara estate in 2013, she spent $26.5 million. Adjusting for inflation bumps that number into nine-figure territory. Celebrities are someone that we look up to be inspired from. March 30, 2021 . He and his then-wife Elin Nordegren paid $40 million for the home in 2006 — about $51.2 million today — just to tear down the house and dump a bunch of money to redo the 9,000-square-foot home and sprawling property. Related: The Most Expensive Home for Sale in Every State. DeGeneres extended the 10,500-square-foot property by 16.9 acres with the purchase of two adjacent properties. It is revealed the new owners spent about $15 million modifying their villa to their taste. Naturally, some of that cash went into building a golf practice facility that includes sand traps, fairways, and greens, which Tiger uses to practice his short game. One of Michael Jordan's many mansions is in highly exclusive Jupiter Island, Florida. The mansion, now a National Historic Landmark, sits on 14 acres and boasts five staircases. This luxury home is in the possession of Ozzy Osbourne who is one of the most famous singers and songwriters and known for his amazingly beautiful voice. The 20 Most Expensive Celebrity Homes in the World 1. This $88 million property was actually a great deal for the couple as originally it was on the market for $135 million. Gwen Stefani bought a sprawling Hollywood Hills mansion known as The Summit in 2006 with then-husband Gavin Rossdale for $13.3 million. Related: 50 Surprising Facts About America's Favorite Summer Tourist Attractions, Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, Suspect in Capitol attack suffered delusions, source says, Three dead in shooting at N.C. house party. In all, his estate spans 17,000 square feet. It's no longer a private residence, but Vanderbilt's descendants still own it. Which is the craziest to you? The tower, complete with a […] Most Expensive Homes … Arnold Schwarzenegger, actor turned politician, reaped the rewards of years of hard work in the entertainment industry. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda, spent $63 million over seven years to build his Medina, Washington, mega-complex. It was designed and constructed by Chicago based architecture firm, Perkins & Will, and hospitality design firm, Hirsch Bender Associates. In 2017, he listed it for $29.8 million, down from an original asking price of $35 million. There's also a rooftop terrace, a master bedroom with a private patio, a cigar lounge, and a wine cellar. Related: 19 Virtual Tours of Famous Homes. Although $940,000 doesn't seem like much for the famous and wealthy these days (it'll buy you only a little more than half the median-value house in San Francisco), it's impossible to write about celebrity houses without mentioning Graceland. Take a look at some of the most expensive celebrity homes that were sold in 2020. Unlike most celebrities on this list, the Ted actor built his house from scratch on a 6-acre land he bought for $8 million in 2009. This list of the most expensive celebrity houses in South Africa will blow your mind. George Lucas – estimated at $100 million The … For fair comparison, prices on all homes bought, sold, or listed before 2017 have been adjusted for inflation. Known as the Promised Land, the property is anchored by a 5,000-square-foot mansion and includes horse stables and an equestrian ring, avocado and fruit orchards, and lavishly manicured grounds. The estate's parking lots are underground to preserve its natural beauty. Related: 20 Vacation Rentals with Secret Rooms and Hidden Passages. The French-country mansion, once owned by Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen, features a moat and a 10,000-square-foot music studio. To give you some inspiration until you win the lottery, here is a list of the top 5 most expensive celebrity homes! It's no secret celebrities throw hunnids millions on their homes, but you won't believe the price tags on some of these pads. The mansion that is 56.500 square feet is located in Los Angeles, California and it features many amenities that allow those who live in to live the most luxurious life in the world. Related: 13 Cemeteries With Celebrity Star Power. When it was finished, the home occupied four acres; the surrounding property expanded to more than 100,000 acres. The BIGGEST Mansions Owned By Celebs!! It comes on number 10 on the list of most expensive celebrity homes in the world that costs around $10 million. Related: 16 Most Enviable Celebrity Car Collections. Like everything else the house a celebrity buys is also lavish and different from a common man’s home. Tap to unmute. They spend millions of dollars to live like royalty in mansions with amenities that might make royalty blush. It caused most of the celebrities to create content from their homes; hence, we have had a glimpse of their luxurious residences. It was the most expensive non-waterfront home in the region's Palm Beaches in 2010, the year of the purchase. Watch later. An army of craftsmen labored on the French renaissance château — more than 1,000 people working six days a week for six years. Two of the most influential people in the music industry teamed up and bought one of the most expensive celebrity homes on the planet. Among its juiciest amenities are four pools, a 15-car garage, a full spa and wellness center, and 30,000 feet of living space that's enclosed within six different glass-walled structures. When the late King James signed with the Lakers in 2018, he needed a house in L.A. Like Cindy Crawford, Demi Moore sold her opulent New York City penthouse for $45 million —  she had originally asked $75 million — 27 years after she and then-husband Bruce Willis bought it in 1990. You can get married there if you like ... for a price — or you can take a virtual tour of the estate instead. Today, Clooney is reported to be entertaining an offer for $100 million to do something that lakeside villa owners on Lake Como almost never do — sell the place. Their home also reflects their personality and is often used to make a statement. In 1957, a 22-year-old rising star named Elvis Presley bought what is now probably the most famous home in America for $102,500 — the equivalent to that $940,000 today. Those parties took place at Pickfair (a play on the couples' last names), the 17-bedroom, 30-bathroom mansion that served as the center of Beverly Hills movie star culture. The Most Expensive Celebrity Homes Bought and Sold So Far in 2021. The Most Expensive Celebrity Homes – Find Out What Your Fave Stars Are Investing In by : summer With the amount of money celebrities make from starring in movies or by simply making appearances, it’s only fair that people get curious as to what they’re buying with all that cash. LeBron James – What’s new in the world of our beloved celebrities in Los Angeles?! Situated on more than 400 acres of pristine rainforest, the estate claims more than two miles of stellar beach coastline overlooking the Pacific Ocean. 10 Most Expensive Celebrity Homes in the World. Related: 32 Celebrity Homes Regular People Can Afford. Not surprisingly, it's bursting with tech and it also houses an insane collection of art and artifacts — the Leonardo Da Vinci manuscript alone is worth $31 million. More than 40 years and countless debaucherous nights later, in 2016, a billionaire named Daren Metropoulos bought it for a reported $105 million, Playboy Bunnies presumably not included. Radio king Howard Stern bought his home in Palm Beach, Florida, from a textile executive for a cool $52 million in 2017. Previously owned by Jennifer Lopez, it also features a guesthouse that offers panoramic views of the San Fernando Valley. Connect with friends faster than ever with the new Facebook app. Built from heavy bleached timbers and featuring floor-to-ceiling glass windows, Cruise designed the log mansion estate himself in 1994. The five-bedroom estate sits on 3.3 acres next to an exclusive country club. Related: Elvis' Pet Chimp Wasn't the Only Unusual Thing About Graceland. Ellen DeGeneres had been asking $49 million for her Beverly Hills estate when Ryan Seacrest agreed to buy it for what the Hollywood Reporter wrote was an estimated $40 million in 2010. Related: 23 Sports Collectibles That Scored Big at Auction. Rihanna has owned or rented a few spiffy mansions in places like LA and Aspen, but her most recent home purchase came in Barbados, where she was born and raised. His industrialist family made a fortune in the steamboat and rail industries, and George Vanderbilt used his fame, wealth, and social connections to amass one of the world's greatest art collections and private libraries. 6. We've rounded up some of the most expensive celebrity houses in the UK… prepare to get home envy! 1. Michael Jordan: $14.7 Million. In 2002, George Clooney bought an estate in Laglio, Italy, called Villa Oleandra from the Heinz family for $10 million. It's the No. Although there's a full gym, the home, surprisingly, does not include a basketball court. Billy Joel, the famous singer has listed his home in Sagaponack village but... 2. Take Kim Kardashian and Kanye West for example — the couple, who are welcoming their first child this summer, recently bought a $10.75 million in … Bill Gates’ magnificent compound in Medina, WA It is no surprise that one of the richest men in the world would also own one of the most expensive houses in the world.

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